Eyecare Services

image of woman doing an eye test. Our eye doctors provide comprehensive general eye exams for the whole family. The exams include a full eye health assessment, in addition to the vision testing for glasses or contacts.

The following are some of the services and aspects of our practice:

• Treat ocular disorders like dry eye, eye infections, eye allergies, removal of metal or wood in the eye, glaucoma, diabetic eye exams, cataract evaluations, macular degeneration assessments.

• Serve as a referral center to top notch eye surgeons that treat cataracts, retinal disease, perform LASIK, and much more.

• Perform a thorough refraction, determining what your best glasses prescription would be.

• Fit and sell all types of contacts: soft, astigmatism, gas permeables, multifocal (bifocal), mono-vision, and hybrid.

• Extensive selection of frames and lenses. Patients have different needs and requirements for their eye wear. Our opticians and doctors will help to recomend the best fit for the patients needs.

• Offer a free eye assesment for infants under the age of one. This assesment is known as InfantSee, a national program.